Backwards to Move Forward

Sometime’s you really do have to move backwards to go forward. This is particularly frustrating to me because I tend to be a bit tunnel visioned, and that’s almost always focused straight ahead. But, I suspect like anything else it can be turned into something positive.

When you’re in a bah-humbug sort of mood (the way I am), finding that silver-lining can be tough. But, we are a tough people.

This week’s backward-facing problem arose while I was working on the finishing touches for the Human e-book release. Only three of my chapter bookmark/hyperlinks were working (post e-book conversion). Why those three? I have no clue. I have a few suspicions about the root of my trouble, but no solid knowledge. So, this weekend I’m gonna yank ’em all out and redo ’em. As part of this, I’ll be working on another computer. Maybe that will show me some grammatical or spelling error that I missed. Maybe I’ll notice some other mistake. The possibilities are endless.

If you run into a similar circumstance, don’t let it get you down. You’re part of the most stubborn species in this section of the galaxy. Embrace that.

Yeah, I’m definitely not a connoisseur of silver-linings. In fact, all this positivity is making me a bit queasy. Think I’m gonna go find some sour grapes to help settle my stomach.

If you have to move forward to go backwards, do it with gusto and style. If it leaves you a bit queasy, I’ll happily share my grapes.

HUMAN by William R. Humble

Author: williamrhumble

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